Anjum Makkah

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5 Star Category Luxury Hotel 150 Mtr

About Anjum Makkah

A perfect example of spirituality meets hospitality is what said to be Anjum Makkah Hotel which is said to be top notch among luxury hotels in Makkah. Situated just walking distance away from Holy Haram, this hotel is a perfect luxury retreat for pilgrims who wish to stay near to the doors of highest Deity.

Magnificent and opulent large outer building structure, highly spacious interiors and impeccable guest rooms offering fantastica and adorable view of Haram are main forte of this luxurious style lodging which is considered as rare to find in Saudi Arabia Hotels.

Guests can have a memorable stay inside this hotel that features big and spacious guest rooms having fully carpeted floor along with free Wifi, toiletries and other modern set of amenities.