Makkah Marriott Hotel

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5 Star Category Luxury Hotel 150 Mtr

About Makkah Marriott Hotel

Talking about luxury hotels in Makkah, name of Makkah Marriott Hotel always comes at a first place which is pioneer in terms of luxury and style to the fullest. Visiting the holy pilgrimage of Allah can be quite satisfactory and luxurious while staying in this hotel which is considered to be opulent in structure.

A strategically located hotel within the close vicinity of Haram, Kaaba and other holy sites is a perfect accommodation for faithful pilgrims who wish to stay under the prophecy of highest diety.

Talking about the inside details of this one of the luxury style of Saudi Arabia Hotels features classic and modern style of guest rooms having state of the art architecture. Many of the rooms having large window panes give you exciting and soothing view of the Holy city which is completely unforgettable experience for you.