Nozol Al Shakreen

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4 Star Category Super Deluxe Hotel 0 Mtr

About Nozol Al Shakreen

Speaking of opulence, splendor and extravagance to find in Madinah, then the name of Nozol Al Shakreen Hotel surely comes at a first place. 

This is truly an upscale and impressively stylish looking accommodation of Madinah giving space to hundreds of guests inside its vicinity.

Simply majestic and monumental stature equipped 4-star hotel like this is pleasantly situated just a minute walking distance away from Masjid Al Haram and other tourist attractions around. With this means, magnificent view of the Prophet's Mosque and of other surroundings is clearly visible from some of the luxurious rooms. 

The Inside Persona

Must to talk about is inside detailing of the hotel which is completely glittering and splashy to the eyes of onlookers. Brilliant use of modern day lighting and mix and match of vibrant shades can be found in the hotel's lobby, reception and in waiting area. 

Bright shades of light prevail in every single direction sure to lure the eyes at a first glance. Special attention is being given to room corridors that are full of brimming shades.

Coming to guest rooms, every single unit is marked with brilliance of exquisite wooden work and impressive Turkish style architecture. Staying inside will be completely magical looking at peace and tranquility.

Luxurious Dining 

Special attention has also been given to restaurant area that serves lip-smacking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from this mouth-watering Egyptian dinner is served on every single Thursday and seafood on Friday. The inside coffee shop is equally famous for its hot brewing drinks for guests.