Al Marwa Rayhaan Rotana

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5 Star Category Luxury Hotel 0 Mtr

About Al Marwa Rayhaan Rotana

Out of all the Saudi Arabia hotels, Al MarwaRayhaan Rotana Hotel comes as one of the sought-after and highly luxurious property for pilgrims who have embarked upon the holiest journey of a lifetime. A 5-star style of lodging which is located in the first row of Makkah’s Abraj Al Bait development is sure to be contemporary style accommodation for specific section of guests.

One of luxury hotels in Makkah, this modern-day style of lodging features well-appointed 481 guest’s rooms featuring optimum space inside along with overall décor in a warm finish resembling classic appeal to the eyes of onlookers. Fully furnished guest’s rooms are endowed with modern range of facilities for letting you experience unforgettable stay.