Al Multazim

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3 Star Category Deluxe Hotel 500 Mtr

About Al Multazim

Getting lost in the sense of spiritual existence simply means performing Hajj in the holy city of Makkah by Muslims.  A place for highest worship called Masjid Al Haram which is settled in the same city does receive Islamic population in millions from all across the globe.

If you too like to embark upon this peaceful and religious journey, then do make sure to do all the arrangements quite perfectly.

One of the mandatory concerns during Hajj journey is to book accommodation well in advance. It is a general truth everyone has their own budget preference to book a hotel and not everyone can afford to stay inside a luxurious lodging.

Well in that case, hotel like Al Multazim Makkah states to be finest set of lodging that definitely falls under a minimum budget. This is a well-structured 3-star accommodation like this sure to provide ideal shelter for few days.

This is a simple looking hotel which is located at the center of Makkah city and also close to Masjid Al Haram. It will not take much time to reach the Holy Mosque.

In terms of guest rooms, units are best structured with homely like décor with having wooden floor and complete peace inside. In terms of amenities, one can find plethora like air condition, cozy beds, flat screen television, private bathroom and much more.

There is also an in-house restaurant featured inside the hotel that ensures mouth-watering meal pleasure will be experienced by guests inside.