Azka Al Safa

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4 Star Category Luxury Hotel 150 Mtr

About Azka Al Safa

The list of luxury hotels in Makkah is certainly incomplete without the name of Azka Al Safa Hotel is which is best known for its easiest accessibility to Holy Haram and the level of sophisticated and charming feel reflected in the first glance of guest rooms.

Ideally located 4-star category lodging like this is 150m away from Haram and 75 km away from Jeddah Airport. Also, featuring well-defined guest rooms fully settled on the classic them with modern furnishings and contemporary facilities like electric kettle, free Wifi, flat screen TV, free toiletries, hair dryer and much more inside.

One of the magnificent things about this particular lodging is the way it looks to the eyes of onlookers. Simply superb multi-stories round shaped building and magnificent lighting sure to make you fall in love with the same. Equally splendid is the fully furnished interior full of marble floors, modern day style architecture and optimum level of space inside. Plus, magnificent chandeliers are also there to provide royal touch to this accommodation.

Feel the pleasure of modern day living style under the clos vicinity of gorgeous guest rooms having soothing carpeted floors and intricate detailing inside.

One of the significant parts of the lodging includes state of art architecture finished dining hall where lip smacking dishes are being served in an artistic manner.

The hotel also has a well-defined and completely spacious prayer hall having large window panes to get clear glimpses of Masjid Al Haram and say prayers with complete grace and spirituality inside.