Diyafat Al Rashideen

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3 Star Category Deluxe Hotel 400 Mtr

About Diyafat Al Rashideen

It is a genuine fact that people following Islamic religion have been told the importance and significance of performing Hajj. Since, childhood they have the information about this religious act that can purify one’s mind, body and soul from bad deeds and fill love, peace and humanity inside.

Based upon this spiritual belief of performing Hajj with a pure heart. Every year, millions and millions reach the holy city of Makkah to follow the act in a religious manner.

Although certain rules and regulations need to be followed during the act, but the result is soothing for a lifetime.

So, in case you are also planning to head towards Makkah, then do make hotel booking in advance for few days. Well, in that respect, Diyafat Al Rashideen is an apt choice, if you fall under an average traveller looking for a budget friendly accommodation which should be closed to Masjid Al Haram.

The said lodging is a multi-faceted 3-star category accommodation which is settled at the central place of city. Even the holy mosque is located 400 meters walking distance away from the hotel.

Stay at maximum level of comfort inside this lodging endowed with state of the architecture decor, modern set of amenities, optimum level of space and a homely feeling inside.

Especially for both leisure as well as for corporate guests, the hotel has well-defined guest rooms with carpeted floor inside along with classy amenities like air condition, private bathroom, flat screen television and much more.