Elaf Mina Hotel

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3 Star Category Economy Hotel 6000 Mtr

About Elaf Mina Hotel

Going towards the holy city of Makkah is nothing but a blessing in disguise for every single traveller as the place is quite a popular home for Allah i.e. Masjid Al Haram along with well of Zamzam and Kaaba.

With millions in numbers visit the city every single year, it is necessary to make all the arrangements quite well in advance. So, if you think of staying under a comfortable and luxurious lodging, then Elaf Mina Hotel is the property, you have been looking for.

One of the surreal and monumental looking lodging of Makkhah, this 3-star hotel sure to win hearts from all sides with respect to its majestic stature, unbeatable level of luxury, state of the art décor and spacious rooms inside.

With located just short distance away from Masjid Al Haram as well as from Qibla Mosque and Kaaba, it is a convenient place to stay for both leisure as well as corporate travellers.

One would definitely falls in love with very outlook of the interior part of the hotel which is filled with sparkling and shiny marble floor, bright set of lighting and contemporary style furniture.

Coming to guest rooms of the property, every single unit comes packed with optimum level of splendid luxury of modern décor and complete peace and tranquillity inside.

One of the eye-appealing part is the comfortable seating area and contemporary style of amenities.

Especially settled restaurant area of the hotel comes packed with royal lush and lavish architecture along with lip smacking pleasure of meals.