Fairmont Hotel

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About Fairmont Hotel

A name synonymous with luxury and unmatched hospitality Fairmount Hotel tops the list of luxury hotels in Makkah as well as finest in Saudi Arabia Hotels. Prime located accommodation which is situated just 100 m away from Holy Haram i.e. 2 minutes-walk for pilgrims. So, travelers who have stepped foot offering prayers to highest Deity need not to travel much to reach Masjid Al Haram.

This hotel is the focal point of the place because of its presence in the one of the tallest buildings in the world featuring 76 floors. So, you can best feel the monumental presence of this insanely looking accommodation even from far off distance.Strategically located luxurious hotel like this is in the close vicinity of several shops to provide ultimate shopping experience to guests.

Feel the unmatched comfort and pleasure inside 1618 guest rooms fully accessed with the presence of 56 elevators in the building. The rooms without speaking are quite elegant, spacious and eye catchy in terms of contemporary style interiors, modern set of facilities and large windows offering tempting view of the holy city. Even some of the rooms having a separate living area let travelers to share quality time with near and dear ones.

In terms of dining experience, nothing can beat the presence of 9 state of the art dining areas in the hotel each one having its own specialty, unbeatable hospitality and lip smacking meal options. Make the most out of splendid dining best adorned with modern level of cutlery experience.