Jamjoom Ajyad Hotel

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3 Star Category Economy Hotel 1400 Mtr

About Jamjoom Ajyad Hotel

Situated at a central piece of location of Makkah, JamjoomAjyad Hotel is an authentic yet modern day style of lodging for all sorts of travellers. Considered as one of the hotels in Makkah which is strategically located and ensure international level of staying pleasure, this hotel is just 10-minute walking distance away from Masjid Al Haram allowing pilgrims to stay in the close vicinity of highest deity. 
The very stature of the hotel is quite grand and tempting allowing guests to enjoy memorable staying pleasure inside.
The guest rooms of the hotel are completely furnished with state of the art architecture along with vast range of modern facilities like air condition, flat screen television, private bathroom, complimentary toiletries, shower, free Wifi and so on. 
In order to further provide staying convenience to guests, the hotel features 24-hour front desk.