Movenpick Hajar Tower

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5 Star Category Luxury Hotel 0 Mtr

About Movenpick Hajar Tower

The city of Makkah is undoubtedly purest place on earth for Muslims spreading all across the globe. A home to Masjid Al Haram is an ideal destination to perform holy acts of Hajj and Umrah that actually invited multitude of Islamic followers every single year.

Staying under this holy city has never been a hassle for both business as well as leisure travellers, as Movenpick Hajj Tower Makkah always has luxurious room for the same under the close vicinity of magnificent décor and state of the art architecture.

A perfect blend of class, luxury and impressive modern-day style appeal is best reflected from this 5-star category hotel that is situated in world’s one of the most tallest building called Abraj Al Bait Complex. A building that comprises of multiple floors with a plethora shopping complexes and restaurants inside is surely an ideal destination to stay by travellers.

Spell bounding interior of the hotel is the most talked about feature. Perfectly settled with vibrant and refined sitting area near the reception and waiting space, one will certainly fall in love with the same.

Rooms have magnificent deal of magnanimous stature along with optimum level of space and Arabic style architecture is what make this lodging a heavenly looking place to stay in order to experience unforgettable experience.

A special game room for kids is perfectly settled with whole lot of fun loving games and toys that sure to treat the very eyes of children.

Experience magnificent and lip-smacking dining in any of the 5 restaurants in the hotel along with perfectly settled tea lounges inside.