Raffles Makkah Palace

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About Raffles Makkah Palace

Discover heaven proudly placed on earth especially on the land of holy city of Makkah called Raffles Makkah Palace hotel. True to its name, there is nothing short of a magnificent, monumental and impressive palace like feel in every corner of this 5-star hotel in makkah that sure to lure eyes of every single persona looking at the same.

A true epitome of unbeatable and unparalleled beauty displayed in magnificent stature "Hotel Raffles Palace Makkah" both inside and outside. Plus, equally splendid is its location which is quite opposite to Masjid Al Haram letting guests to witness breath-taking view of the whole mosque, well of Zamzam and Kaaba in front of the eyes.

Standing tall and sky clearly opposite to the Holy Mosque, this property is ravishingly established with luxurious and ornately crafted décor full of shiny marble floors, beautiful chandeliers, artistic piece of furniture and a multitude of artefacts that sure to catch attention of onlookers at a first glance.

Experience the celebrity and VIP like treatment while resting any of the guest room of the hotel that nothing falls short of a little palace in itself. Large window panes for outside view, separate living area, traditional like furniture, optimum space, cosy bed and a plethora of modern set of amenities are just few features of rooms.

Located ideally inside Abraj Al Bait complex, guests have the convenience to make the most out of ultimate shopping pleasure with the presence of multi-floored market inside.

Taste the Arabic, Turkish and other multi-cuisine delicacies while sitting inside any of the restaurant area that comes packed with state of the art architecture and mammoth sitting space inside.

"Hotel Raffles Palace Makkah" is one of the luxury hotels in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Nowadays, it has been a welcoming gateway offered by Onlineumrah.com for a wide range of guests.