Rawdat Al Bait Ajyad

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5 Star Category Deluxe Hotel 1500 Mtr

About Rawdat Al Bait Ajyad

There are times, when you do require a spiritual tour in order to seek blessings from the highest deity and showcase complete potential in the near future.

This thing actually goes with every single religion including the Islam as well under which individuals embark upon a religious journey towards Makkah.

During such times of performing Hajj in Makkah, a proper lodging is all that is necessary to get into spiritual act with a complete peace of mind. Therefore, Rawdat Al Bait Ajyad Hotel is there to provide you that peace, harmony and tranquillity.

One of the pristine and luxurious 5-star hotel in the city, this lodging is certainly handpicked because of its strategic location and state of the art architecture.

Standing tall on a calm and composed street, the accommodation let you stay with a complete peace away from hustle and bustle.

Having great deal of luxury inside in areas like reception, waiting lounge, lobby, restaurant and guest rooms, the hotel certainly has lavished and vibrant feel that sure to catch attention of leisure as well as business travellers.

Feel the utmost level of luxury and tranquillity inside spacious guest rooms marked with modern set of amenities like cosy beds, carpeted floor, private bathroom, air condition, tea/coffee maker, free Wifi, telephone, flat screen television and much more.

Special addition of the hotel is a well-settled meeting rooms which is beneficial for business travellers to carry out different official purposes separately.