Royal Majestic

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4 Star Category Deluxe Hotel 300 Mtr

About Royal Majestic

Journey towards the holy city of Makkah is an experience worth remembering for years. This is a place of highest worship in the eyes of Muslims residing all across the globe.

Every single year, Islamic followers embark upon this city just to step foot into well-famous Masjid Al Haram and seek the blessings of highest deity.

Make sure to do proper planning before actually heading towards this holy destination. In this connection, booking stay inside Royal Majestic Hotel is a smart decision on the part of Islamic followers who like to take rest in the close vicinity of wonderful luxury.

A 4-star category hotel like this surely deserves to be top-notch accommodation both for leisure as well as for business travelers. Strategically located place like this is ideally situated just 700 meters away from Masjid Al Haram.

So, travelers can simply walk to the Holy Mosque in order to perform best practice of Hajj.

The renowned Abraj Al Bait complex is situated 5-minute walking distance away from the lodging letting guests to experience ultimate shopping pleasure.

Staying inside this mesmerizing lodging is nothing less than majestic experience looking at state of the art architecture. Well-equipped rooms have shiny looking appearance with the presence of modern day style lighting, cozy beds and contemporary amenities inside.

A special prayer hall of the hotel is added feature that allow guests to recite prayers together in the close vicinity of peace, harmony and tranquility.

On the top of that, one can make the best out of Arabic as well as multi-cuisine dishes served inside the restaurant area.