Sheraton Makkah Hotel Tower

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5 Star Category Luxury Hotel 300 Mtr

About Sheraton Makkah Hotel Tower

Sometimes it is more than just a hotel that you in which more like a memorable experience of a lifetime. The same thing is clearly synonymous with Sheraton Makkah Hotel Tower which is an upscale 5-star category accommodation located at the central part of Makhah.

The city which is like a birthplace of Islamic religion is best known for home of Masjid Al Haram which is a holy Mosque of highest relevance. Even the luxurious lodging which is being mentioned is located 800-meters away from the same mosque.

A classy and extremely fantastic to look at hotel like this is truly a masterpiece of modern day architecture, enriched level of creativity and artistic nature that sure to make you fall in love with that.

Marvellously structured artistic and monumental building having multiple floors is something best to look at far off distance. Inside there is a plethora of vibrant and plush style decorated things that sure to catch your attention at a first glance.

Get a magnificent feel of royalty inside any of the guest room having state of the architecture. Expressive and colourful furniture in every single unit certainly have unique characteristic of their own. What more to find in some of the rooms is breath-taking view of outside world marked with beautiful sceneries, mountains and also of holy Mosque.

Get the most out of lavish dining any of the three restaurants available in this 5-star category lodging. Plus, there is a well-equipped meeting room for business travellers to carry out their professional purposes in a hassle-free manner.