Sheraton Makkah Hotel Tower

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5 Star Category Luxury Hotel 300 Mtr

About Sheraton Makkah Hotel Tower

Even just a name itself is more than enough to define the type of luxury, grandest identity and perfect royalty this accommodation has. Considered as one of the sought after and luxury hotels in Makkah, Sheraton Hotel is a name synonymous with utmost luxury. Offering close retreat to Masjid Al Haram, this 5-star lodging is one of the hotel in Makkah which is meant for its comfort, elegance, grace and user-friendly hospitality.

Talking about the guest rooms of the hotel, they are actually look like a mini home for leisure as well as for business guests. Spacious bedroom with separate living and private bathroom fully equipped with modern range of facilities come inside the hotel. Experience beauty of the surroundings by taking a close look from the windows of rooms.