Suleman Sindi

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1 Star Category Budget Hotel 800 Mtr

About Suleman Sindi

Most of you have a lifetime wish to go Makkah once just for the purpose of performing Hajj. This is what called as sacred act of spirituality for Muslims residing all across the globe.

For them performing Hajj simply means seeking blessings from highest deity and also purify one’s mind, body and soul.

Unlike Umrah, Hajj is performed only once in a year and the city Makkah sure receive crowds in millions from all across the globe.

This is the reason hotels and other lodgings price seem high at this point of time.

Need not to worry as Suleman Sindi Hotel is all ready to serve you wityh gracious hospitality and a maximum level of luxurious comfort.

Perfectly settled lodging located close to Masjid Al Haram is surely an easy pick for budget travellers looking for a cost-effective accommodation. 

Marked best with simplistic interiors, optimum level of space and minimum availability of facilities, you tend to experience comfortable staying pleasure.

If talking about guest rooms inside, then you are sure to feel like at home with the presence of state of the art architecture, soothing peace and tranquillity and much of a space inside.

The rooms are ideally endowed with light hues interior alongv with cozy beds, private bathroom, flat screen television, telephone and various other minimalistic facilities.

Quite a pocket soothing accommodation like also features an in-house restaurant area serving delectable meals for the preference of guests inside.